South Jordan Basement Finishing Project

At Utah Home Remodel, we have a wide range of experience in waterproofing, foundation repair, and floor installation as professional basement finishing contractors.

Basement Remodeling Projects

The key distinction between basement remodeling and basement finishing involves hanging drywall or adding flooring. Basement remodeling is usually more intensive and can involve basement bathroom renovations, plumbing, and electrical installations. If the basement renovation process is unfinished or done poorly, the drywall could get soggy, paint surfaces could become stained, and trim could become moldy.

Utah Home Remodel takes a detail-oriented approach to basement remodeling projects to ensure there will be no moisture damage or mold damage to the home. It is a standard in the basement finishing industry that finishing a basement means you will get roughly 60%-70% of a return on your investment, but it depends on the type of basement finishing work and services you need.

Before & After Photos

This South Jordan basement finishing project including a basement bathroom renovation and installation, carpet installation, drywall repair, and stair repair. Now the homeowners have more room to relax and participate in hobbies in more areas of the home. Utah Home Remodel is pleased to better utilize the basement in this home with ample storage space with effective plumbing and waterproofing. 

Utah Home Remodel has a team of professional basement remodeling contractors and specialists that are committed to add valuable living or storage space to build your dream home. If you are looking for a basement finishing contractor, consider Utah Home Remodel to create a guest room, gamer room, storage room, or basement bathroom. We have years of experience and are dedicated to providing a successful basement remodel at an affordable price.


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