Cedar Hills Deck Addition Project

A well-designed deck addition can make a stunning and beautiful effect on your home remodel or property repair. At Utah Home Remodel, our professional home remodel contractors and residential painting professionals can ensure the deck is painted and constructed well.

Deck Addition Process

As a reputable property repair company, our deck addition process involves a variety of strategies that synthesizes skillful planning with attention to detail. Utah Home Remodel has a custom process with years of experience in deck additions. Once we have chosen a path forward, we have a critical approach that includes dimensions, notations, and components needed to implement the construction process.

When we have the information and documentation we need to maintain, care, and build your deck addition, we can implement the building process. Before this, we discuss budgeting, goal-setting, and making a list of anything that you would like on your deck including, but not limited to, a fire-pit, shade shelter, stairs, under-deck roof, built-in planters, privacy fences, deck posts, outdoor storage, and outdoor seating.

Before & After Photos

This Cedar Hills deck addition project allows the homeowners to step outside and create moments of happiness with their family and friends. In this deck addition, we installed and built stairs, a patio, and a garden area beneath the patio to give the deck plenty of life, vibrancy, and energy.

Crafted with beautiful wood and painted with a unique stain of paint, this deck addition features quality designs and colors that enhance the value of the home. If you are planning to design a layout for adding a deck to your home, consider Utah Home Remodel as your deck addition contractors. We have performed a wide selection of DIY projects and have vast experience in property repair services.