Home Remodel Projects

Utah Home Remodel is a high-quality home improvement contractor providing a wide selection of property repairs including deck additions, basement finishing, residential painting, and other home renovations at an affordable price.

Cedar Hills Deck Addition

For this project we finished a deck addition with two staircases, contemporary colors, with featured LED lights.

Salt Lake City Basement Finishing

This remodeled basement added equity for this homeowner and created a new living space for the family.

Draper Townhome Painting Project

For this project we repainted the kitchen, featured walls, and bathrooms to give this home a welcomed update.

Deck Addition Projects

We can build or renovate a deck as an extension of your home to be comfortable, functional, and high quality. Decks can be built from a variety of materials including pressure-treated wood like cedar and redwood, or durable synthetic material with wood fibers.

Home Remodel Projects

Hire Utah Home Remodel for a low or high budget home improvement project. From garage door updates to bathroom and kitchen remodels, we have the tools and home remodel experts to redesign your home that is financially manageable and creates value.

Residential Painting Projects

Residential painting projects involve expert advice and detailed, professional process painting kitchens, bedrooms, cabinets, living rooms, bathrooms, and more. Our experienced house painters are color experts with special skills in craftsmanship and artistry.

Basement Finishing Projects

Utah Home Remodel has completed a wide selection of basement finishing projects that are cost-effective and add value to create your dream home. Instead of using the basement for storage, hire professional basement finishing contractors like us to refurbish and remodel your basement.


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