Ogden Home Remodel

This is a home remodel project in Ogden, Utah. The remodeling process demonstrates the use of a variety of materials in a variety of remodeling applications. The images represent the full scope of this home remodel project. 

Total Home Remodel Experts

Utah Home Remodel has transformed an older home in the Ogden area into a more modern and comfortable space. This project allowed for Utah Home Remodel Experts to demonstrate a wide variety of skills and expertise with the experience to update the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living areas, and the other areas throughout the home. New modern materials were used included an updated paint palette.  This home remodel project was an excellent example of a vision to increase the visual and overall value of this Ogden home.

At Utah Home Remodel Experts we work with the homeowners to come up with a vision that is both functional, reasonable, and fits the budget necessary to accomplish the finished project. Our experience includes a variety of interior updates that is a full-service approach for framing, painting, and the finished work necessary for the final completed home.  Please give us a call for consideration related to your next home project or remodel update. 

All After Photos

This remodel project took an Ogden home and transformed it into a more modern and comfortable living space. The entire house including flooring, walls, cabinets, and paint throughout the house were updated for a clean sleek look. A nice combination of light gray colors along with white to accent the overall comfort of the living space. Also, a nice darker floor color was used that helps to provide another element to create a great living space.