Want to finish what you started? That unfinished basement is a blank canvas full of possibilities. 

Home theater? ✅

Extra bedrooms? ✅

Entertaining space? ✅

Game room? ✅

It’s all possible. 

And here are the main steps that will turn those basement dreams into a cozy reality.  

  • Consult a Professional: Before beginning your project, talk to a professional about your space. They can help you explore possibilities, offer suggestions for materials, and scout out problem areas. It’s also a good idea to have the basement inspected to make sure everything is up to code and ready for safe construction.
  • Apply for a Permit: Finishing a basement without a permit is a gambling game. A permit helps make sure that the work is done safely, properly, and provides a document to refer back to if anything should go wrong.
  • Design: Strategic design will help you maximize your space while ensuring that your plans also meet all of the current code requirements. Put the main entertaining area in the spot with the best natural light. Bedrooms need access to egress windows. And make sure that the TV isn’t on a wall where there will be a constant glare. With a little thought and creativity, you can create the comfortable spot of your dreams.  
  • Foundation: When old walls or sheetrock are cracked, windows or doors are hard to open, or cracks appear in floors, there might be an issue with your foundation. A professional can assess and offer solutions so that your new basement will be built on a solid foundation. 
  • Pipes, Electric, HVAC: Before the sheetrock can go up, the inner workings of the home need to be inspected, updated, or installed. Waterproofing the foundation can help prevent mold issues and future water damage. Pipes need to be properly situated and insulated. Heating and cooling systems need to be in working order. And this is the time to make sure that your wiring is safe and up to date, your outlets are in the desired locations, and that any additional tech upgrade systems are in place.
  • Egress Windows: Part of the building code for a basement is to make sure all bedrooms have egress windows, which allow people to escape in the case of an emergency. Most new construction will already have basement egress windows in place, but an older home may require the remodeling of window areas and installation of new windows. 
  • Insulation: Tired of a 20-degree shift in temperatures between your basement and the rest of your house? Insulation will conserve heat during the winter, keep the room cool during the summer, reduce moisture, and also help with soundproofing. Insulation is a win-win..win. 
  • Storage: Most people use their unfinished basements as giant storage compartments. So don’t forget to add plenty of storage space back into your finished basement plans. A well positioned closet, cold storage room, row of cabinets or built-in shelves can go a long way to replacing your storage capabilities.
  • Include Space for Food in Your Plans: You don’t have to have a full kitchen, but think through all of your future snacking plans. Maybe a mini-fridge for drinks, a microwave for popcorn, or storage cabinets for quick access to treats. Perhaps even a small sink area for hand-washing and easy clean-up. 
  • Now for the Fun Parts!: Flooring, lighting, paint color, fixtures, and more! Remember that a basement is a different creature than the ground floor. A professional can help you choose flooring that is more moisture resistant, paint and lighting that will chase away all of those basement shadows, and make sure that every inch of your space is as cozy as possible.  
  • Time to Play: One final piece of advice. Make sure that your basement designs leave plenty of room for all of the fun you have planned. Pool table? No one wants a cue stick sticking out of their newly painted walls. Make sure your play has all the room it needs. 


At Utah Home Remodel, our goal is to use our highly qualified and experienced basement finishing and remodeling contractors to help you create your perfect space, with the right materials, the right design, in the right way. Give us a call and let’s get your dreams underway.