As trees begin to bud, robins and bluebirds appear, and grass grows greener by the day, it’s easy to feel drawn to the outdoors. Your home may already have a deck, but it may be showing the effects of harsh weather and everyday wear and tear. If looking at your deck doesn’t make you happy or inspire visions of summer parties or of you enjoying the cool evening air with a refreshing drink, it’s time to take action. Spring is a great time to take on a deck renovation project so that your new outdoor space will be ready for you to use when the warm weather sets in.

Great reasons to renovate your existing deck include:

  1. Increased safety – If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow or rain, it can seep into the cracks in the wood and cause it to swell and then dry out. Drying makes the wood shrink, which can enlarge the cracks and even warp the wood. An older deck can also begin to have safety issues including sagging or weak floorboards, splintered or damaged areas, unsteady railings, broken steps, and poor lighting. Making deck repairs is important for ensuring your summertime gatherings are safe for you, your family, and your guests.
  2. Enhanced resale value – If your home doesn’t have a deck or if the existing deck is small or old, a deck renovation will increase your home’s value as well as add a much sought-after feature for potential buyers.
  3. Beautification of your home – You will enjoy using your deck when the design and materials are attractive, flower boxes bring the colors and sweet scents of summer closer to you, and you’ve added your own personal touches including furniture, bird feeders, and lighting.
  4. Ease of entertaining – Your guests will feel more relaxed when the area around them is well-designed and safe. You can add an addition to your current deck to make room for more entertaining space or extra furniture.
  5. Adding new features – You’ll be more likely to make use of your deck space if you’ve taken the time to add new elements that will not only increase your enjoyment but make the deck more functional. Popular additions include fire pits, pizza ovens, built-in grills, pergolas, screens, ceiling fans, and twinkle lights. 
  6. Being outdoors improves your health – Spending time on your newly remodeled and enhanced deck space reduces stress, improves your mood, restores your energy levels, helps you regain your focus, and inspires creativity. Your new deck space could even serve as an art or yoga studio.

When it’s time for your deck remodeling project, hiring a professional deck building company will ensure that your project gets done safely, correctly, and in a timely manner for those summer days ahead. Utah Home Remodel is the home remodeling company that can make your ideal outdoor living space a reality. Contact us today to receive more information or to request a free estimate. 

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