Renovating your kitchen can increase the value of your home, give you a more functional space, and add features that you need to accommodate your family and cooking style, but there are some things you should think about before you begin the project. 

Undertaking a complete kitchen remodel is a complicated process that requires a lot of planning and budgeting. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

  1. On average, a large chunk of the kitchen remodel budget goes to new cabinetry. It pays to shop around for less expensive options and to not become too invested in the latest trends and finishes.
  2. Keep practicality in mind when you choose your countertops. It’s easy to go for the best-looking option, but it might also be the most expensive. Find the material that will last the longest for the money you spend.
  3. Details matter. It’s just as important to know where your outlets will be located and how much ventilation your appliances will require as it is to make the kitchen look good.
  4. Double sinks will give you more options for washing dishes and food preparation than single sinks.
  5. Think about how many people you cook for on average and what kinds of food you prepare most often. Those things will help you to determine what style of cooktop you need and if you need more than one oven.
  6. Try to set a timeframe for the project and plan for the inconveniences of not having a working kitchen and for the disruptions of the remodeling process during that time.
  7. Plan the new kitchen with storage in mind. In addition to new cabinets, maybe you need to include a pantry.
  8. Lighting is a very important part of kitchen redesign. An expert home remodeling company can help you determine where you need task lighting.
  9. You might not need to completely gut and restructure your kitchen. An expert from an experienced home remodeling company can help you determine what you really need to change or update and what you might be able to modify and continue to use.
  10. The need for permits is another concern. A home remodeling contractor will know when permits are needed and be able to secure those for the project.
  11. A kitchen remodel project will likely involve plumbing, electricity, and structural changes to your home. You will need to hire licensed, insured contractors to protect your home and family and to guarantee that the job gets done according to building codes, zoning ordinances, and industry standards.

Utah Home Remodel can transform your kitchen into a more functional space that your family will enjoy for many years. Our experienced designers can help you plan your project from identifying needs all the way through to enjoying your beautiful new kitchen. Contact us or visit our website today to get more information about your project and to receive an estimate.

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