Foundation is an integral part of a building. Any issue with the foundation should be taken care of immediately. The following information lists various situations when your foundation calls for immediate action.

Cracks in the Foundation

If you notice cracks on the foundation walls, it is an obvious sign that there is a sinking or settling foundation. However, most cracks do not cause any major destruction. Nevertheless, you need to pay attention to where the cracks are present and the size and direction of the cracks.

Cracks on Walls, Windows, and Doors

Is your drywall or plaster cracking in a couple of places? Are there diagonal cracks on the walls or stair-step brick cracks? The reason for cracks on the walls could be anything from excess moisture to poor tape jobs. However, it could also mean that the foundation is in need of some serious repair.

Door and Windows Sticking or Not Latching

Sticking doors and windows are seen in older houses rather than newer buildings. In the majority of the cases, the reason for this is moisture caused by high humidity. However, it could also be due to a damaged foundation or sinking and settling foundation.

Uneven Flooring

An uneven flooring on the ground or upper floors should be a cause of concern because this could be caused by foundation damage. The problem can even get worse with heavy traffic. If the flooring on the upper levels is visibly uneven, it could be due to foundation settling or the shifting of the crawlspace. The interior columns in the basement and sagging joists can also cause uneven flooring conditions.

The foundation is the heart of a structure. While an issue with the foundation can be overwhelming and scary, do not allow either your concern or feeling to cloud your judgement. Take the issue one step at a time. First, research and consult a foundation repair expert like Utah Home Remodel to help you understand the next steps.