Buying or building a home with an unfinished basement provides ample opportunity for growth. After a number of years, however, homeowners may begin to wonder if now might be the best time to remodel their unfinished basement. If you have been considering a remodel, browse these reasons to finish your basement in 2021.

More Personal Space

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that personal space is invaluable. As families increase in number and age, square footage becomes more and more precious. Finishing a basement can mean that teenagers no longer have to share (or fight over) a single living room. Toys and sports equipment can finally have a home. And everyone in the family can have their own personal refuge, in an undisturbed area, behind a closed door if they wish.

Increase Property Value

A number of home remodels can make a space more beautiful, functional, or both. Each project impacts the home’s overall value. If a remodel is inexpensive but doesn’t increase the property value very much, it has a low return on investment. The same applies to projects which significantly increase the home’s value while being expensive to perform. Finishing an average basement has a 72% return on investment, meaning that 72% (on average) of your remodel costs will be recovered when you sell your home.

Save Money

Besides increasing the value of your home, a finished basement can cut costs on entertainment and even housing. One movie in your new home theater can save as much as $100 for a family of five. Having a double date? Save $150 or more by hosting a paint night in your new craft room instead of going out. A finished basement can also be converted into an apartment, so you can take on a tenant or offer free housing for a parent or child.

Finishing a basement is an investment of both time and money. That investment may yield a high return for homeowners who decide to finish their basements in 2021. A finished basement is a valuable remodel, with benefits include increased living space, increased property value, and potential to earn income. Make 2021 the year to finish your basement. Contact the professionals at Utah Home Remodel to get an estimate today.